Which party to vote for in NZ election?

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Who you gonna give your Party Vote to on 23 September?


What matters to you when choosing

  • The economy
    • Strong
    • Idling along
  • Environment and Climate change
    • Kinder to the environment / climate
    • About the same as now
  • Treaty of Waitangi (and Te ao Māori)
    • More emphasis than now
    • About the same emphasis as now
    • Less emphasis than now
  • Poverty in NZ
    • Less than now
    • About the same as now (and perhaps worsening)
  • Housing shortage
    • Government to intervene directly
    • Light-handed government involvement
  • Tertiary education
    • More support for students (e.g. lower fees)
    • About the same as now
    • Less support for students (e.g. higher fees)
  • Health system
    • Lots more spending
    • Some more spending (but not lots)
  • Immigration (and refugees)
    • Fewer people coming to NZ
    • About same number coming to NZ
    • More people coming to NZ
  • Taxes
    • Lower taxes
    • About the same taxes
    • Higher taxes


The things you’re choosing between

  • Alternative image. ACT
  • Alternative image. Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party
  • Alternative image. Ban 1080 Party
  • Alternative image. Conservative Party of New Zealand
  • Alternative image. Green Party
  • Alternative image. Internet Party
  • Alternative image. Labour
  • Alternative image. Mana Party
  • Alternative image. Māori Party
  • Alternative image. National
  • Alternative image. New Zealand Democratic Party for Social Credit
  • Alternative image. New Zealand First
  • Alternative image. New Zealand People's Party
  • Alternative image. Outdoors Party
  • Alternative image. The Opportunities Party
  • Alternative image. United Future

You can edit this template’s criteria and alternatives, as well as add your own.