Surf SUP selection

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Are you ready for a stand up paddleboard for riding waves?


What matters to you when choosing

  • Brand
    • Top
    • Mid
    • Bottom
  • Construction
    • Carbon sandwich
    • Wood sandwich
    • AST or similar
  • Condition
    • Brand new or As new
    • Very good
    • OK (but not Very good)
    • A bit rough
  • Weight (relative to volume)
    • Ultra-light
    • Light
    • Medium
    • Heavy


The things you’re choosing between

  • Alternative image. Jimmy Lewis Hanalei 10’8x29x4.4 (165L)
  • Alternative image. JP Surf Pro 9'6"x31"x4.4" (148L)
  • Alternative image. Laird Surfer 11′x30.5″x4.25″ (150L)
  • Alternative image. Naish Nalu GT 10'6"x30"x4" (160L)
  • Alternative image. Starboard Surf 10'5"X32"x4.7" (178L)

You can edit this template’s criteria and alternatives, as well as add your own.