Cool Dunedin bars with great beers

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You like beer? You're in Dunedin? Use this template to find a cool bar.


What matters to you when choosing

  • Atmosphere
    • great
    • OK
    • dull
  • Range of interesting beers on tap
    • wide
    • standard
  • Range of food
    • wide
    • just snacks
  • Prices
    • cheap
    • average
    • expensive
  • Other bars nearby
    • yes
    • no


The things you’re choosing between

  • Alternative image. Albar
  • Alternative image. Duke of Wellington
  • Alternative image. Eureka
  • Alternative image. Inch Bar
  • Alternative image. Ombrellos
  • Alternative image. Tonic

You can edit this template’s criteria and alternatives, as well as add your own.