Predicting FIFA World Cup winner

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What matters to you when choosing

  • Road to the World Cup
    • Won Pool
    • 2nd in pool
    • Worse than 2nd in pool
    • Play-off entry
  • Past World Cups
    • Have won the World Cup before
    • Previously got to final
    • Previously got to semi-final
    • Previously got to quarter-finals
    • Previously got to round of 16
    • Never been in World Cup
  • Pool Competitors
    • Easy Pool
    • Hard to pick pool
    • Other top 10 ranked team in pool
    • Other top 5 ranked team in pool
  • Injuries
    • No injuries
    • Other players in doubt
    • Top player in doubt
  • Supporters
    • Home games
    • Many supporters
    • Some supporters
    • Very few supporters
  • Coach's win history
    • Coached a previous World Cup winner
    • Coached a previous World Cup finalist
    • Coached a World Cup qualifier
    • Never coached a World Cup team
  • Pre-World Cup performance
    • Very good
    • Above average
    • Average
    • Could have done better


The things you’re choosing between

  • Alternative image. Argentina
  • Alternative image. Brazil
  • Alternative image. England
  • Alternative image. France
  • Alternative image. Germany
  • Alternative image. Italy
  • Alternative image. Netherlands
  • Alternative image. Spain

MeenyMo can't actually predict the future, but your knowledge may help you make a good prediction. Refine the criteria and alternatives before you use this template.

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