House buying

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Buying a house in Wellington, New Zealand.


What matters to you when choosing

  • Sun
    • All day sun
    • Afternoon sun
    • Morning sun
    • Shady
  • Maintenance
    • Low maintenance
    • Medium maintenance
    • High maintenance
  • Views
    • Good
    • OK
    • Poor
  • Proximity to beach
    • Beside the beach
    • Within 5 minutes
    • Far away


The things you’re choosing between

  • Alternative image. 17 Windmill Vista
  • Alternative image. 29 Sunnydale Ave
  • Alternative image. 3 Red Rocks Rd

You will almost certainly want to adjust the criteria and load different houses, but this should give you a good idea of how to use MeenyMo to help you choose a house.

You can edit this template’s criteria and alternatives, as well as add your own.